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Gabriel Kney Chamber Organ

Gabriel Kney Chamber Organ
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This Gabriel Kney Chamber Organ appears to be very similar to a positive/positif/chamber organ that he built for a residence in Grosse Ile, MI as "Residence Positiv Organ in Grosse Ile, MI", shown on Mr. Kney's website. The organ also seems to match the year, single manual, and number of stops for another Gabriel Kney residential organ that he built for a home in Michigan, found here in the Organ Historical Society Database: http://database.organsociety.org/SingleOrganDetails.php?OrganID=3724

It has one manual with ebony naturals, fruitwood sharps, and 54 notes ranging from C to F. Dimensions are 77" H x 49 1/2" W x 29" D. Appears to have five stops and five ranks. Don't miss this opportunity to save on an excellent chamber organ from a renowned builder.

Condition Used / Vintage

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