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About Us

Antiquity Music is a company dedicated to rare and unique musical instruments and gear. We restore, sell, and rent vintage and antique instruments, as well as produce virtual instruments featuring the inspiring sounds of these rarities. Beyond vintage and virtual instruments, we also manufacture our very own keyboard instrument, the Wheelharp. We are dedicated to cultivating creativity within the music industry by making the sounds of rare and unique instruments available to musicians around the world. At www.antiquitymusic.com, you can buy, sell, trade, or consign such instruments and gear, as well as learn more about our sample library product line and The Wheelharp.

Our company was founded in January 2010 by Mitchell Manger. In 2007, after majoring in Music at the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Manger began collecting unusual musical instruments in order to orchestrate his compositions.  Composing and playing in several groups at that time, Mr. Manger noticed a strong demand among professional musicians, producers and composers looking for instruments and gear that would “set them apart” from the crowd.  However, Mr. Manger was surprised to find a deficiency in knowledge, customer service, and supply among existing vintage musical instrument retail websites.   Based on his extensive knowledge about these instruments and his familiarity with music professionals’ needs, he established the company in 2010, which organized in 2012 as Antiquity Music LLC and now conducts business at www.antiquitymusic.com.

Located in Los Angeles, California, Antiquity Music has rapidly increased its customer base to several thousand music professionals and collectors by cultivating its reputation as a place where one can buy instruments that are unavailable in any other store on earth and that have been restored to the highest standards. As a result of this specialization, the company’s core clients are recording artists, producers, and studios that seek to add a “unique” and valuable instrument to their collections or sound recordings. 

Along with products spanning the most highly-regarded vintage and antique brands and models of musical instruments and gear, Antiquity Music has recently introduced its own instrument, The Wheelharp, as well as its sample library product line, featuring exotic and antique instruments.