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Aeolian Orchestrelle Model W Player Reed Organ

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This Aeolian Orchestrelle Model W player reed organ is extremely rare and in very good cosmetic condition for its age. Though the inner piece of the left side is currently off, it is easily screwed back on. The instrument should not present too much trouble for the restoration technician if the insides are as nice as the outsides, which the appear to be from what we've seen. According to the label on the inside of the front, it passed through the Vocalion Organ Co.'s Case Department.

If you conduct a search for these, you will see that dealers and collectors typically offer them in the $14,000-19,000 range when restored.

We believe it will be an excellent piece for restoration by the right owner. Two of the black keys seem to have detached but could easily be glued back on. The back is not present. Its functionality has not been inspected.

Condition Used / Vintage

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