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James Jones Linear Chromatic Hammer Dulcimer 10/19/18/8

James Jones Linear Chromatic Hammer Dulcimer 10/19/18/8
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This hammer dulcimer was ordered from James Jones new approximately six years ago, and is in excellent condition. It has a damper system, foot pedal, and piezeo pickup system, all installed and supplied by James Jones, and comes with a soft case, tri-stander brackets and tripod, and hammers. It features a redwood soundboard with satin black finish, birdseye maple sides/pinblock, paduak bridges, and cardinalwood trim. The instrument has barely been played at all since then, although it sounds excellent. The string spacing is 7/8".

The MSRP for a Linear Chromatic (TM) 10/19/18/8 hammer dulcimer from James Jones, with damper system, soft case, and piezo pickup system is about $3000 shipped.

Condition Used / Vintage

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