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William & Matthew Stodart Grand Fortepiano

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This William & Matthew Stodart grand fortepiano is dated 1808, and was built in London. it has its original keyboard and action, 2 pedals (damper and una/due corde) and a range of 5.5 octaves. Dimensions are 88.75" L x 42" W x 36" H. The piano has a few cracks in the soundboard and warping typical of an English fortepiano. All keys respond and hammers work, but several hammers get stuck or do not hit the strings due to the piano being warped (to fix, this, either the hammers need to adjusted (easier) or the piano needs to be rebraced (more difficult)). It has the rail that goes over the dampers, even though that rail is not shown in the photos. The piano needs to be tuned, though it is currently tuned roughly around A=415. It was restored in 1976 and has a note from the restorer that it is not to be tuned any higher than half of a tone below A-440.

Condition Used / Vintage

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