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Maas-Rowe G-123 Grand Symphonic Carillon

Electronic/Electromechanical Keyboard Carillon
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For your consideration is a rare Maas-Rowe Grand Symphonic Carillon in excellent functional and cosmetic condition. This electromechanical rarity plays up to 123 chimes of four different kinds using a keyboard interface. In particular, it can either play Flemish bells, Westminster Bells, or the Symphonic Carillon bells, the latter of which is comprised of both minor-third-tuned bells ("minor bells") or major-third-tuned bells ("major bells"). For the symphonic carillon, it uses relay that allows the player to choose the key in which he will be playing, which in turn selects the combination a set of minor-third-tuned bells and a set of major-third-tuned bells. Being able to select which bells are tuned minor or major allows for much greater melodic and harmonic possiblities.

This carillon was purchased from Otero Junior College, Colorado. This particular symphonic carillon cost the college $28,000 when it was installed new in the college by Maas-Rowe in the early 1960s, which equates to over $200,000 in today's dollars. Receipts and other documentation will be provided to the buyer.

An external speaker that can be used in conjunction with its current monitor speaker. If you plan to mount this in a church and amplifiy it through a bell tower, 4 large tower speakers/horns can be provided to a buyer at an additional cost of $250/each, plus shipping. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own one of the most extensive (and expensive!!!) carillon systems that Maas-Rowe ever built.

Chime bell types include:
37 Major bells (when combined with minor bells, comprises the Symphonic Carillon)
49 Minor bells (when combined with major bells, comprises the Symphonic Carillon)
37 Flemish bells
11 Westminster chimes

One of the two large wood-paneled cabinets is the amplification section, which includes five power amplifiers, one of which is for powering the monitor speaker, and four of which are for powering tower speaker horns in a belfry, facing in four separate directions. The other of the two large wood-paneled cabinets houses Maas-Rowe Chronobell system, which is the timing and roll-playing system. The Westminster chimes have their own cabinet. The Flemish chimes have their own cabinet. The minor bells and major bells are all housed in the carillon console itsetf.

Also included are 15 mylar player rolls, which play perfectly in the Chronobellcabinet. There are about 8-12 songs on each roll, thereby providing 120-180 songs total. Also comes with three copies of the key to turn the symphonic carillon on and off, as well as four copies of the key needed to open and close the two cabinet doors.

Several of the pictures are of the cabinets before we cut and replaced their dark plexiglass panels over the doors. The last picture shows the new plexiglass panels, which are much more durable and better looking.

Condition Used / Vintage

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