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RCA Radiola 106 Speaker for RCA Theremin AR-1264

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The RCA Radiola 106 speaker/cabinet, also known as the RCA Theremin speaker, was the speaker that RCA most frequently paired with the rare RCA Theremin (the finish matches that of an RCA theremin too). Manufactured in 1928 (the RCA Theremin was manufactured in 1928-1929), this RCA speaker is in very good cosmetic and functional shape for its age. It is missing a circular wooden ornament at the bottom center of the speaker, but seems to have all of the other original cosmetic components. The grillcloths and covers on Radiola 106 speakers have usually been damaged on the few we've sold in the past, but the grillcloths and covers on this one are in excellent shape.

Condition Used / Vintage

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