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RCA BC-6B Console

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This rare vintage RCA BC-6B dual-channel "consolette" is in good cosmetic condition and appears to be 100% original. As with most vintage studio gear, this console needs some work to be brought back to perfect operating order.

From the RCA catalog: "The RCA Type BC-6B Split-Mixer, Dual Channel Audio Consolette provides the audio amplification, switching, control and monitoring facilities essential to operation of the larger radio or television broadcast station. This consolette incorporates nine mixer positions and provides all the facilities needed to accommodate one or more studios, announce booth microphone, control room microphone, two transcription turntables, tape, film, five remote lines, network and three cue circuits.
The nine mixer positions provided are assigned so as to offer the greatest flexibility and operation ease. The first five are low level microphone channels each with dual microphone input. Positions six and seven are also low level inputs and may be used for either turntable, tape or film sources; while the eighth mixer is used for network. The final mixer has provisions for five remote line inputs selected by rotary switch. The latter four mixer positions also have cue type mixers.
An etched panel contains all operation controls. It tilts forward for easy access to all switches, gain controls and other interior components. The two VU meters are illuminated. Monitoring and network headset jacks are supplied and headphones may be connected to the output of the program channels, remote lines, or the incoming network. Talkback facilities are provided and permit talking back to studios, announce booth or remote lines. An Over-ride-Remote cue switch is provided which permits the remote operator to call in on any of the remote lines and over-ride the program on the control room speaker."

Condition Used / Vintage

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