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RCA 77-DX Ribbon Microphone

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This vintage RCA 77-DX ribbon microphone is in nearly immaculate cosmetic condition. It is rare to find one of these microphones in such incredibly nice original shape. It comes with the stand shown in the pictures. This microphone works well and sounds great.

The RCA 77-DX was made in two versions, with respective part numbers MI-4045-F and MI-11006-C. The MI-4045-F version, which is the one seen here, is primarily intended for broadcast use and is finished in satin chrome and a low-gloss umber-gray enamel. The MI-11006-C microphone is intended for television use and is therefore completely finished in a low-gloss umber-gray enamel, which eliminates glaring reflections usually seen on highly polished microphones.

Condition Used / Vintage

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