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Neve 5432 8-Channel 54 Series Console Sidecar Mixer

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Neve 5432 8-Channel Console

This Neve 5432 mixing console is an 8-channel board with 34128 Mic Preamps/EQs, which feature 3-band inductor-based EQ, panning, and 2 sends per channel. Made circa 1979, this member of the Neve 54 Series of consoles features transformer-balanced inputs and outputs and inductor-based mid EQ on each 34128 module, and has 90dB max mic gain, with 40dB pre fade headroom and at least 24dB post fade headroom. It has a black steel case chassis with a small footprint, wooden buffer and side flashes designed to fit into a work top. The 5432 was based around the 5534 IC amp (actually Mullard TDA1034). It has a 15-way module extender cable tucked away under the right panel.

This Neve has been tested and all of the channels work, including EQ, phase, and pan functions. It comes with an linear power supply that has a switch, fuses, and LED's for the 3 output rails.

Condition Used / Vintage

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