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Vintage German Tube Microphones

Vintage German tube microphones with AC701k tubes
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A vintage pair of German tube microphones in a Telefunken ELA MZ 032 box.

The Telefunken ELA MZ 032 was designed for use in Neumann CMV563 modular microphones and the like.

These microphones are clearly not Telefunken ELA MZ 032 mics/capsules, but they came in this Telefunken ELA MZ 032 original box when we bought them. They are likely custom-built, one-of-a-kind microphones.

Again, the closest microphone in appearance is the Telefunken ELA M260. Note that the AC701k valve sells used for about $300 each on average (and $500 if they are NOS), so the tubes inside these microphones are worth $600 alone.

Condition Used / Vintage

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