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LOMO UP-27 Microphone Preamplifier / Equalizer EQ Mic Preamp UP27

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Two vintage Lomo/Kinap UP27 mic preamps. The UP-27 is one of the most well-known Soviet microphone preamps, having a reputation for its fat and warm sound.

These are a hard-to-find earlier version of the UP-27. If you search around, you can find 2 versions of this preamp made by Lomo or Kinap. The earlier version has input transformers hidden inside a metal case and has four tubes in a row. An older version has input transformers and tubes installed on both sides of the case. In this earlier version, all components connected point-to-point, while later versions used printed circuit boards.

This particular UP-27 features permalloy input transformers and point-to-point wiring. Each module utilizes 4 mil spec tubes: 3 6j32p tubes and 1 6n3p tube. Each module has two inputs and one output. As seen in the pictures, each module is missing one knob. The overall cosmetic condition of modules is very good.

Condition Used / Vintage

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