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JBL C40 Harkness Loudspeaker

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This vintage JBL C40 "The Harkness" speaker is in good cosmetic condition. It has a hole in the grillcloth and a few scratches. It has a very nice-looking woofer, but as we are not JBL experts we can't guarantee that it is original; it certainly doesn't look like the D130 woofer that came with most of these C40 speakers. The other components that came standard with JBL C40 speakers include LE175 Compression Drivers, 1217-1290 Horns, and N1200 crossover; we have not checked for any components other than the woofer, and don't know which this C40 speaker has and doesn't have. We have not tested this speaker. The cabinet looks nice overall, but has some flaws that could be touched up; obviously the grill cover needs to be replaced because it is torn, and the veneer has some sunspotting on one side and light scratches and slight discolorations here and there. There are no major flaws, no large chips or missing veneer in the exterior. Called by some the "King of the Low Boys", this is the big brother to the JBL C38/C37/C34.

Condition Used / Vintage

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