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George Massenburg GML Skyline Diffusor Panel

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This vintage George Massenburg "Skyline" diffusor panel is a rare and beautiful piece from a Los Angeles studio. It is 3'x3' L x W, and each block is 2"x2", the longest block being 11" in length. These panels are used across the world in famous studios, including the likes of Skywalker Sound. Just look up George Massenburg diffusor and you'll see the high-end clientele that use these diffusors. This diffusor is quite heavy, as each column is made of solid wood. It weighs about 70-90 lbs.

You could get a styrofoam skyline diffusor pair for a little less, the value of which probably will depreciate automatically by at least half upon purchase. Or you could get this custom solid-wood diffusor designed and built by one of the most respected engineers in the history of sound recording, which will retain its value throughout the years.

Condition Used / Vintage

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