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Musser Ampli-Pickup (Ludwig Electro-Vibe) Pickups (For Musser, Deagan, Jenco Vibraphones)

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Electro-Vibe pickup set for a Musser M45, M-45, M44, M-44, M48, M48 vibraphone, for a Deagan 580, 581, or 582 vibraphone, or for a Jenco 420 through 424, 430 through 434, 635, or 636 vibraphone. These are perhaps the best vibraphone pickups ever made, and were designed by Jess Oliver, the inventor of the heralded Ampeg Portaflex amp series). Unlike piezo pickups such as K&K pickups, Ayotte, etc., these don't mute the bar at all; rather, they hover underneath them. As a result of that, you don't have to modify or alter your vibraphone bars at all.

Condition Used / Vintage

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