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Monochord Miniature Piano

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The rare Monochord upright piano is a great-sounding miniature grand piano with a 29-inch keyboard. Actually made by Kawai in the 1930's, it's a real strung piano with a soundboard and a unique look, and along with it's 3-octave cousin the Kawai Princess Piano, is the ONLY miniature single-string piano we know of that has a sustain pedal (you don't get this feature on the Wurlitzer Student Butterfly Piano, which is still a very cool other miniature piano). It sounds better than any other miniature piano we have ever played. This isn't a toy piano and doesn't sound like one. It sounds like a real piano with excellent timbre, such that every single person who sees and then hears it experiences a moment of disbelief.

This is one of the most fun and portable strung acoustic pianos for gigging and studio use. It weighs only 100 lbs. Dimensions are 33" L x 17" W x 32" H.

It also should be easy to amplify this piano by giving it Helpinstill or other electromagnetic piano pickups or piezo pickups.

This miniature piano has a "Monochord" logo, which was a logo of Los Angeles-based Kawai piano dealer at the time this was built. The piano still has the "Made in Japan" badge on the inside. According to Kawai, the miniature piano's unique cabinet design and action was designed by Koichi Kawai, the company's founder. According to Kawai, they made only about one hundred of these a month for one year. There probably are only a few hundred of these left in the world.