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Yamaha EX-42 Analog Synthesizer Organ

Yamaha EX-42 EX42 vintage analog synthesizer organ keyboard
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This Yamaha EX-42 polyphonic analog synthesizer is one of the rarest, most complex, and most expensive analog synthesizers ever built. Yamaha's flagship synthesizer/organ precursor to the ultra rare GX-1, this beautiful instrument packs all the sonic possibilities of a polyphonic synthesizer and organ into one massive, unique instrument. When released in 1970, the EX-42 had a $32,000 price tag. That's $200,000 today when adjusted for inflation, making it the second most expensive synth (in today's dollars) that Yamaha ever made. It is rumored that less than 200 of these were built.

Even better, this listing includes the two (2) Yamaha R-60B tone cabinets that originally came with this unit, as well as the original bench, pedals, and music stand. The Yamaha R-60B has a rotary speaker system with three (3) vertically rotating speakers that are switchable on/off at the player's option.

The features of this synthesizer are much too extensive to list here. There are a few videos online that fully detail all of the capabilities of the EX-42. Just look at one and prepare to be amazed. Make sure to look for the R-60B in action too!

This EX-42 powered up last time it was turned on and its two main keyboards/manuals and pedals played and the speakers worked, but it is sold as is.

Condition Used / Vintage

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