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Schulmerich Americana Keyboard Carillon

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For your consideration is an extremely rare Schumerich Americana carillon, one of Schulmerich's flagship carillons from the 1960s. Most of these carillons have been destroyed or salvaged for their amplifier parts, and finding one of these very nice models is extremely unusual.   Buying a new digital Schulmerich carillon costs over $35,000 today, but these analog carillons have an even more beautiful, breathtaking sound.  This particular carillon came from Weber State University in Utah, and cost over $25,000 in the early 1960s, which equates to over $180,000 in today's dollars.
We have fully restored this carillon's wiring, adding connectors (DB25, XLR, RCA etc.), so that the carillon can easily be moved around (all Schulmerich Americana carillons were originally hard-wired on-site when installed, so when removed, over 400 individual cables had to be cut, making restoration extremely costly and time-consuming).  This required soldering over 800 individual cables!!!!!  The restoration work on this carillon has cost us over $4000 in technicians' time.

Of course, the carillon comes with all of its original schematics and instructions.
This particular carillon has the following bells/voices, each of which has its own manual on the keyboard console:
61-note Flemish bells/voices (contained in the 5 chime boxes)
61-note Harp bells/voices (contained in the chime tower)
61-note Celesta bells/voices (contained in the chime tower)
This carillon has three 19" rack towers: (1) a power amplifier tower, (2) a timer/clock tower and (3) a chime tower

The keyboard console has a speaker in it, but the system also has an original Schulmerich satellite/external speaker. It also still has the original a paper roll player and a box of over one dozen original rolls.

Here is a video that shows what one of these flagship Schulmerich carillons sounds like when restored (note that the carillon in the video is a different carillon, a Schulmerich Mark V, but the voices played in the video are all present and the same as those on this carillon):

This instrument is perfect for the musician who loves rare bell/tine keyboards, as you can't get this sound anywhere else without paying tens of thousands of dollars for a new digital Schulmerich carillon.

Condition Used / Vintage

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