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Schiedmayer 5.5-Octave Studio Celesta

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This rare Schiedmayer 5.5-Octave Studio Celesta is in excellent cosmetic and functional condition. The Schiedmayer 5.5-Octave Studio celesta has bigger, wider bars and resonators than the Schiedmayer "standard" 5.5-octave model. It sounds just as great as the "standard" model does for orchestral purposes, and its bigger, wider bars give it a warmer, rounder, and more full timbre in the low end, which is perfect for recording purposes. It has a beautiful, clear, bell tone throughout its range that is unrivaled by any of the smaller celestas. Most symphonies these days specifically seek Schiedmayer celestas and keyboard glockenspiels because of their exceptionally beautiful timbre. The keys have a nice responsive action and all the notes are in tune, A=441.5. This celeste plays perfectly.

MSRP for this model is around $42,000. Get it here for less than half of the new price.
Range: C3-F8

Condition Used / Vintage

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