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Deagan Piano-Vibraharp

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J.C. Deagan made the Piano-Vibraharp in very small numbers (only six were made) in the late 1920s and early 1930s for dance bands, radio stations, etc. Only three examples are known to still exist, one of which is connected to the pipe organ in the Sanfilippo Collection. The Piano-Vibraharp consists of a small upright piano-shaped case containing a real vibraharp/vibraphone with 56 tuned aluminum bars, resonators with tremolo and sustaining pedal. The keyboard actuates a pneumatic mechanism that plays the vibraharp with large felt hammers. The action works perfectly and is very quiet.

This example was formerly in the collections of Franklin Corya and Wolfgang Schweppe, and subsequently the Milhous Collection. It was originally purchased in 1931 for approximately $2200 (approximately $32500 now).

It was restored in the 1980s, The previous owner acquired it in 1998. It remains in excellent playing condition. It is also equipped with a MIDI system for connection to a pipe organ, and it was previously connected to the Walker digital organ in the Milhous Collection. Note that this is a manually-played instrument, but it can be played automatically by connecting either the pneumatic action or MIDI system.

Dimensions: 62" L x 18" W x 46".


Condition Used / Vintage

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