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Mustel Studio Paris Harmonium

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This rare Mustel Studio Paris harmonium has an added second manual and additional reeds which give it a total of 11 full reed sets. The added second manual and its accompanying extra reeds are not original, but rather are from an American reed organ. The bottom manual and its associated reeds is original. Mustel and Schiedmayer harmoniums are recognized by most harmonium enthusiasts as the finest sounding harmoniums.

Harmonium reeds - 16,8,4 full compass; Harp Eoline bass; Hautbois, celeste 8, treble only.
American reeds - From low F up - 32, 16(salicinal), 16(musette), 8, full compass; Aeolian Harp bass; Celeste, 10 2/3 treble only.

This rare instrument features a transposing keyboard, double expression knee levers, and a modified air intake system which allows an external air supply (like a blower) to pump the bellows. Although this harmonium plays decently, it does have some cosmetic flaws, including a missing back panel.

Condition Used / Vintage

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