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Mustel Celeste / Celesta

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This Mustel celesta is in excellent functional and cosmetic condition. This 4-octave instrument has a sweet, warm sound and can easily be moved by two people. Mustel made celestas for sale in the United States back in the early- and mid-1900s that were labeled "Made In France", but that did not have the Mustel logo on them. These celestas are of just as excellent of quality as typical Mustel-labeled celestas. This Mustel is one of those unbranded celestas.

“The keys are connected to hammers which strike a graduated set of metal (usually steel) plates suspended over wooden resonators. On four or five octave models one pedal is usually available to sustain or dampen the sound. The celesta is transposing instrument. It sounds an octave higher than the written pitch. The celesta was invented in 1886 by Parisian Harmonium builder Auguste Mustel. His father, Victor Mustel, had developed the forerunner of the celesta, the typophone or the dulcitone in 1860.

35'' x 37'' x 16"

Condition Used / Vintage

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