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J.P. Seeburg Style L Player Piano Coin-Operated Nickelodeon

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Seeburg Style L Cabinet Player Piano / Nickelodeon / Orchestrion
The Seeburg L Cabinet Piano was introduced in 1921 by the J.P. Seeburg Co out of Rockferd Ill. The Seeburg L cabinet piano has 54 notes The lowest bass note is the third B below middle C, equal to note 15 in an 88-note piano. The highest treble note is the third E above middle C, equal to note 68 in an 88-note piano. With eleven wrapped two-string bass unisons playing from low B up to A, the lowest plain string on the long bridge is the second A# below middle C (note 26 in an 88-note piano). The dimensions are 36 1/2" x 35 1/4" x 22 3/4".

For those who wish to hear what a Style L sounds like, there are many videos of this model on Youtube. More detail on this Style L is available in the Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments, Q.D. Bowers, 1972; pages 598-605.

The Seeburg L plays 65-hole style "A" rolls These rolls play 58 notes, from C through A (notes 16 through 73 in an 88-note piano). The same piano and scale are used in the Seeburg model C with xylophone, the Western Electric Mascot, and the Coinola Cupid. Western Electrics and Coinolas do not have a pneumatic expression device for tracker bar hole #1, and use only the hammer rail for automatic expression.

Condition Used / Vintage

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