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Hohner Pianet M Electric Piano

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The Hohner Pianet M was manufactured circa 1977 through 1982, and has the Pianet T mechanism built into a rectilinear wood grain console case. There is no lid over the keys. Sitting above the box that holds the playing mechanism is an amplifier housing with a sloped front face and two player-facing cloth speaker grills. An acrylic music rest slots into the top of this housing. The leg panels are wood-grained boards finished with a timber foot and joined by a horizontal wood grained panel. The word 'Hohner' is printed in gold in the center, above the keys. The model 'Pianet - M' is printed on the amplifier cover panel at the rear. It features a built-in Hohner Modulator, another invention of Ernst Zacharias, who also invented the Pianet and the Clavinet.

Condition Used / Vintage

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