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Hohner Multimonica II

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The Hohner Multimonica was the one of the first mass-produced analog synthesizers.   Produced by Hohner in the mid 1940's to early 1950's, and with circuitry designed by German engineer Harald Bode, the Multimonica II features a monophonic sawtooth synthesizer/generator on the upper manual and a wind-blown reed harmonium on the lower manual.  The instrument has a loudspeaker, tube-generated electromechanical vibrato, 6 preset synth sounds, 2 switches for harmonic filtering, and 3 switches for the vibrato speed and amplitude, as well as a knee lever for volume control.   This instrument has an exotic streamlined look like that of an automobile, and an otherworldly sound to match.

The Multimonica II featured one loudspeaker and provided more types of harmonics filtering than the pre-war Multimonica I, and the electromechanic vibrato was changed to a neon-gas-tube-based, more sophisticated design. The front panel controls of the Multimonica II from left to right are: power switch and volume knob; six switches for different presets; tuning knob; two switches for different harmonic filtering; three switches for vibrato speed and amplitude; and power switch for the blower fan. The circuit is based onEL41, ECC40, and EF40 tubes.

Dimensions: 23" x 22" x13"

Condition Used / Vintage

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