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Frank Hubbard French Double-Manual Harpsichord

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Frank Hubbard French Double-Manual Harpsichord

This Hubbard harpsichord was built with high standards, and sounds absolutely wonderful. It has a hairline crack on the treble side of the soundboard, which has no effect on the sound of this instrument. The instrument functions perfectly. The following is a description of this harpsichord, according to the Frank Hubbard website:


We have chosen as the prototypes for our French harpsichord kit two instruments made in Paris in 1769 and 1770 by Pascal Taskin, possibly the most famous of all 18th century French makers. We made this choice because the mid-18th century French style harpsichord represents the most successful "general" purpose instrument. The instrument is suitable to all of the harpsichord literature of the baroque period.

The completed kit rewards the builder with a double-manual instrument of elegant proportion and detail having a range of five octaves, FF-f''' (61 notes). There are three ranks of jacks and three choirs of strings, 2 x 8', 1 x 4', with a buff stop which can be installed on either the back 8' choir or the upper-manual 8'. An additional peau de buffle register with leather plectra can be added to the lower-manual 8' if the builder chooses. The transposing keyboards are replicas of Taskin's keyboards.

The steel wire normally supplied with our kits is of a lower tensile strength than modern music wire. Its tensile strength reproduces that of the wire used in the 18th century and its high flexibility produces a tone somewhat richer in the lower harmonics and clearer in overall impression than harder wire.

Condition Used / Vintage

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