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FA Klein Lyre Piano Vertical Grand Piano

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F.A. Klein Lyre-Piano vertical grand piano

This F.A. Klein lyre-piano (also called a lyra flugel or giraffenflugel in German) was built circa 1830 in Berlin, Germany. Beautiful and stunning in its appearance, it has a rich walnut case inlaid by Beidermeier, curved legs with lion-paw feet, and a lyre facade with seven bars representing its strings dominating the front of the case, backed by green silk. There were two makers of this model of piano: Johann Christian Schleip and F.A. Klein, both of Berlin, who made them around the same time in 1820s and 1830s in Germany. This gorgeous lyre-piano model is very rare and is found in several museums worldwide, including the National Music Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This piano is in very good cosmetic condition and fair functional condition for its age. There are small veneer losses, nicks, and repairs to the lid, and crazing/craquelure to the veneer on both sides of the case. Both paw feet have some rubbing and wear, the left back foot with losses on the outside edge. The piano plays but would benefit from regulation and tuning. The plaque is inscribed "F.A. Klein in Berlin".

Dimensions: 82" H x 49" W x 24" D

Condition Used / Vintage

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