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Clavicytherium, by Hubert Bedard

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Designed in Paris by Hubert Bedard in the mid-1900s, this clavicytherium is one of the most visually-striking instruments we have ever had the privilege to offer. Essentially a vertical harpsichord, clavicytherium were originally conceived in order to ensure the beautiful sound of a full-length harpsichord soundboard and strings while minimizing the physical footprint of the instrument. This beautiful musical instrument is one that the buyer will treasure for years to come and would make an excellent addition to any musical instrument collection.

This clavicytherium has all of its strings and jacks, and would benefit from having its strings tuned and its action finely adjusted in order to bring it to perfect functional condition. It has a wonderful timbre, and will sound exceptionally nice after tuning and adjustment. There are two strings per note, and the stops on the side are basically on-off for each of the two courses. The voicing on the plectra seems to be the same for the two courses, but one major difference is that one of two courses has a lute stop.

Dimensions are 72.5" H x 31" L x 14.5" D. No stand is included.

Clavicytheriums almost never come up for sale (this is the first used one we've ever seen for sale in our several years of brokering antique and early musical instruments), and new clavicytheria cost over $9000. Here is your chance to significantly save on one of these stunning instruments.

Condition Used / Vintage

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