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J.C. Deagan Catalogues / Catalogs, 1920s

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Early 1900s Deagan A-J catalogues, scanned. We offer both a digital version on DVD or a B&W printed version on paper. Please note that the original catalog book itself is not for sale here.

This selection of vintage catalogs is from the early- or mid-1920s at the latest, as it does not include the vibra-harp, which was invented in 1928. The catalogs A-J includes many rare Deagan instrument offerings, including nabimbas, tapaphones, electric bells, octaphones, Deagan swiss bells, marimbaphones, German-layout Parsifal bells, Deagan 4-in-hand handbells, and many more obscure and antique early 1900s Deagan products of novelty and normal mallet use. There are over 360 pages of detailed photos, descriptions, dimensions, and pricing.

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