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Martin Style 3 Ukelele

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This vintage Martin Style 3 soprano ukulele is nearly a century old and possesses the classic tone that makes Martin ukes so legendary. Style 3 ukeleles were primarily built for professional musicians and were made by Martin's best builders. The Style 3 ukelele features beautiful thick white binding and rosette, with an ebony fretboard reaching nearly up to the soundhole and a distinctive line down the middle of the fretboard. Beyond the adornment, this instrument has a wonderful sound and plays great.

Martin Style 3 ukeleles are not easy to find. You'll see plenty of Style O and even a few Style 2 ukeleles for sale at any given time, but you'll see very few of the Style 3 for sale. This style of ukelele was made between 1923 and 1931. It has some usual small scratches and nicks from normal use but overall is in excellent cosmetic condition for its nearly 100-year-old age; there are no cracks in this ukelele. It appears to be 100% original, and the case appears to be original though we don't know for certain.

Condition Used / Vintage

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