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Godwin Guitar Organ

Guitorgan (Electronic Combo Organ built into a Guitar)
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This Godwin Guitarorgan in perfect functional condition and excellent cosmetic condition. During the 1970s, Sisme, the Italian owner of Godwin Organs, aimed to attract guitarists with this ambitious Guitar-Organ. It looked impressive, with a vast array of controls, and was big on body dimensions, necessary to accommodate the copious electronics. As with the Vox Continental organ, which they also produced, frets were wired to tone generators and string completed the "circuit", creating the organ sound.

This high-end Godwin Guitar Organ uses both frets and whichever string is played to trigger circuits that play the selected note with a Hammond-like organ sound. Basically, the drawbar logic of a Hammond organ is incorporated into this guitar, except here the drawbars are rotary knobs, and each drawbar can be switched in or out. This is the larger fancier model out of the two models that Godwin made, and has 16 switches and 4 knobs. The player can add or subtract as much "percussion" or tremolo as desired, and can adjust the speed of the tremolo with fast/slow controls. It also has guitar pickups for regular guitar sounds as well.

All knobs. switches, and potentiometers pedal have been fully tested and have no scratching. The near-impossible-to-find original schematics are also included. This Godwin Organ works perfectly, and includes the original case and power supply/volume pedal, both in excellent condition. Cosmetically, the only notable flaw is the little craquelure in the paint around the 1/4" jack. It sounds great when fed into a Leslie, with a remarkably and convincingly Hammond-like timbre.

Condition Used / Vintage

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