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Ludwig Porto-Vibra Celeste Portable Case Vibraphone

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This Ludwig Porto-Vibra Celeste case vibraphone was built in the early 1930s and is in excellent functional and cosmetic condition. This vintage case vibraphone features high-quality bars ranging 2.5 octaves from F to C, and is the perfect solution for a gigging musician who is looking to add a vibraphone to his live setup. It has a foot-activated damper pedal and a hand-activated damper pedal, allowing it to be easily played in a multitude of settings. Further, it is much more portable and lighter than other case vibraphones made by Deagan and Galanti. The dimensions of this case vibraphone are 35"x20"x5" and the weight is approximately 35 lbs. The bars are 1.25" wide and .375" thick.

Condition Used / Vintage

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