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Ludwig Electro-Vibe Pickups (For Musser Vibraphones)

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Up for sale is a rare Ludwig Electro-Vibe pickup set for a Musser M55, M-55, M-55G, M75, M-75 vibraphone. These are perhaps the best vibraphone pickups ever made (designed by Jess Oliver, the inventor of the Ampeg Portaflex). Unlike piezo pickups such as K&K pickups, Ayotte, etc., these don't mute the bar at all; rather, they hover underneath them. As a result, you don't have to modify or alter your vibraphone bars at all. These function perfectly. Picture shows one of these that were made for a Deagan vibraphone, but these particular ones were specifically made only for Musser graduated vibraphones

Condition Used / Vintage

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