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Deagan Class A Musical Electric Bells

Deagan Class A Musical Electric Bells

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J.C. Deagan Class A Musical Electric Bells is a vintage electromechanical keyboard musical instrument built by The J.C. Deagan Company, having thick bronze saucer/cup bells that are played by a system of solenoids and beaters/mallets that are activated with a keyboard.

Deagan Class A Musical Electric Bells can be set to play with a single strike or with a reiterating feature, the latter being that if one holds down the corresponding key on the keyboard, the beater will strike the orchestra bell bar several times per second. However, virtually all Class A Electric Bells came with only the reiterating feature, as is the case with these bells. With these bells in particular, the action reiterates when the keys are held down, and hit only once if the key is quickly tapped.

Each note’s fundamental is amplified by a resonator mounted behind the bell, which has a very sweet timbre. As a result of this amplification, the tone is very loud but with a pleasing and clear timbre. The instrument was largely marketed toward the mobile advertising industry, focusing on the instrument loudness.

This rare Deagan Class A Musical Electric Bells consists of 20 bells, running from F to C, all of which sound amazing and are in tune A=440. The instrument is in very good cosmetic condition and functions perfectly. A multi-pin connector has been added for easy attachment of the keyboard.

Here's a brief video of it being tested:

Condition Used / Vintage

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