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Deagan Artist's Special 5-Octave Xylophone Model 268

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Made in 1920-1922, the J.C. Deagan Model 268 Artist's Special is the highest-end model of vintage xylophone Deagan made. The 268 is the xylophone of choice for numerous top orchestral percussionists. They are very rare and difficult to find.

The bars originally tuned decades ago by Henry Schluter, the inventor of the vibra-harp/vibraphone and one of Deagan's master tuners. They are still in tune.
It has the original antique bars and brass resonators. The bottom 1.5-octaves of the resonators are tunable (see pictures). However, the frame is a custom built frame made at the Deagan factory in the 1970s, specifically for this instrument. I do not have the original stand from the 20s/30s.

Longest bar: 22 9/16" long, 3" wide, and 1" thick
Shortest bar: 5 7/8" long, 2" wide, and 1" thick
Length: 101.25"
Width: 43"
Height: 36"

Condition Used / Vintage

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