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Aeolian 48-Rank Residential Player Pipe Organ

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Made by The Aeolian Co., New York

Opus No. 1560

Restored and completely releathered in the 1990s! Guaranteed to play very well. It sounds amazing.

This Aeolian pipe organ was installed new in 1931 by Aeolian in the same house in which it sits today. The owner of the residence, a man by the last name Steele, spared no expense with this pipe organ; he even had a new extension added to the house for it! The house became part of a college campus back in the mid 1900s and the college decided they want to turn the house into a professors' workspace, so they were looking to get rid of the pipe organ in order to "renovate" the house. I bought the organ from them. This is a historic instrument - there are very few large Aeolian residential pipe organs in this kind of near original condition. Don't miss this opportunity.

The console includes the original Aeolian Duo-Art player mechanism, which is fully functional. The organ comes with around 200 Duo-Art rolls, all of which are included in this offer, and all but about a dozen of which are in pristine shape.. The rolls themselves are easily worth $10,000-20,000 alone. A majority of the rolls have been converted to digital tape format as well.

The organ is in entirely intact, and is excellent cosmetic shape and should be in excellent functional shape, as it spent its entire life in a house and was restored in the 1990s. We turned it on with the assistance of a respected and well-known organ builder, tested the roll player, all three manuals, all pedals, all of the stops, the harp, and the chimes, and it all plays great. It has no major functional issues, and at most needs minor work to make everything as tight and perfectly functioning as possible, such as cleaning dust/dirt out of some magnets. It does not have any ciphering notes. The pipes will need to be tuned, as several were either slightly flat or slightly sharp.

The pipe organ is basically organized into a relay/control room (the old relays are no longer used, I believe, as there are now solid state relays) and four quadrants, two at ground level and two in the "basement" directly below. The two ground-level quadrants are swell chambers. One of the basement quadrants is a swell chamber but the other is used for pipe routing, pressure regulators, etc. There is a ladder going down the basement, but no elevator.

While the top two chambers are at ground level, there is a two foot gap between the rest of the house and the chambers, so a "bridge" of planks will need to be used for walking when removing the organ parts through the living room. The living room has a large entryway about 14' wide by 8' high between it and the chamber, which is plenty of room to get the organ out out. The entryway has a facade that is nonstructural and can easily be taken down in order to the organ to be removed. Everything should be able to be removed by regular movers, save for the three chests, which are very heavy, each weighing around a ton; you will need to hire a rigging company for those.

The organ was restored in the early 1990s. Everything was releathered during restoration, and the leathers are still supple. It needs no releathering. A solid state relay was added during the restoration, but the original relay is also extant with the organ. A digital tape playback system was added to the player system, so that it could play both rolls and digital formats. I assume that it would be very easy for the right person to add MIDI, since a digital tape playback system has already been set up on this organ.

It has a 49-note chrysoglott/harp and 21-note set of Deagan Class A chimes


The stops/tabs/buttons are as follows:

CHIMES: F, SW, OFF, GT, P, CH, with Chimes Damper

LEFT, Top row: Oboe, Trumpet, Deep Trumpet p-16, Acute Flute, High Flute, Flute P, Flute F, Deep Flute P-16

SWELL: Tremolo, Vox Humana, Mixture String, String PPP, String PP, Vibrato String P, String MF, String F, Vibrato String F, Diapason

PEDAL: Deep Fagotto 16, Deep Bassoon 16, Deep Dulciana P-16, String F, Deep String F-16, Flute, Deep Flute PP-16, Deep Flute P-16, Deep Flute F-16

PEDALS ARE LABELED: Choir, Swell, Great, Tonal



CENTER LEFT: Swell to Pedal, Great to Pedal, Choir to Pedal, Swell Oct to Pedal, Great Oct to Pedal, Choir Oct to Pedal, Pedal Oct, Swell to Great, Choir to Great, Swell to Choir, Swell Oct to Great, Swell Sub to Great, Choir Sub to Great

CENTER RIGHT: Swell Sub, Great Sub, Choir Sub, Swell Oct, Great Oct, Choir Oct, Swell Unison Release, Great Unison Release, Choir Unison Release, Duo-Art Release

HARP: SW, F, GT, OFF, CH, P, with Harp Damper

GREAT: Diapason, Octave, String F, String P, Flute F, Vibrato Flute, P, Flute P, Quint Flute P, High Flute 4, Trumpet, French Horn, Tremolo

CHOIR: Diapason, Deep Dulciana P-16, Vibrato Dulciana, Dulciana, String P, Concert Flute, Flute P, high Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet, [BLANK], Vox Humana, Tremolo

TEMPO INDICATOR: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90


There is a "Set Piston" button below the bottom manual, and a "Cancel button below the second manual.

Condition Used / Vintage

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