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Deagan Reveille Bells

Forked tubular bells built by J.C. Deagan in the 1920s.
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Deagan Reveille Bells are a rare forked tubular bell instrument that Deagan built in the 1920s. They were one of Deagan's most expensive instruments, so expensive that they were never made available to individual percussionists but rather sold to churches and theaters for their organs.

We have available for sale the following sets of Reveille Bells. The two larger sets were incomplete, so we took bells from the two smaller sets to make the largest set complete and make the second largest set almost complete. For example, the lowest A, A# and B in the 4.3-octave set and in the 4-octave set are originally from the 2.7-octave sets (where were originally 3-octave sets). The picture shown in this listing is of the 4.3-octave set described below, of which we do not yet have pictures. The price shown here is for the incomplete 2.7-octave set described below.

4.3-octave set (A3-C8) - COMPLETE.
3.9-octave set (A3-G7) - INCOMPLETE. Lowest 3 octaves complete. Missing bells: A#6, B6, D7
2.7-octave set (C4-A6) - COMPLETE.
2.7-octave set (C4-A6) - INCOMPLETE. Missing bells: E4, C#6, D#6, E6, G6. C4 bell defective.

Condition Used / Vintage

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