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Deagan Electravibe Model 515

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The J.C. Deagan Electravibe, Model 515, is an amplified case vibra-harp/vibraphone with a three-octave F-F range. This extremely rare instrument was produced by Deagan from 1970 to 1982. This vibraphone is the perfect instrument for a gigging player, as the the instrument is easily disassembled and the legs and pedal system compactly store in the case (under the lid), which carries quite easily. It is also perfect for a studio musician or any musician who is looking to experiment with vibraphone sounds, as the piezo pickups on each individual bar are routed to a preamp that then sends out the signal, which can be run through effects pedals/gear and played through an amp or run directly into a mixing board. The output jack is 1/4", like that on an electric guitar.

This vintage Deagan Electravibe is in excellent cosmetic condition and perfect functional condition. It is complete and 100% original. It has a bit of light scratching here and there, only noticeable upon close inspection. The electronic pickups, effects section, and preamp are in perfect working condition. It has a superb sound and is tuned A=440. The damper system within the case case is in excellent functional condition as well. This Electravibe comes with the original power cable. Also included is a used soft carrying case that has protected the instrument throughout its life.

Bar width (uniform throughout): 1 3/8" from the low F to the low C, then changes to 1 1/4" for the rest
Bar thickness: 1/2"
Longest bar length: 13.5"
Shortest bar length: 6.75"
Case length: 46"
Case depth (with lid on, legs not included): 7.75"
Case width on left side: 31.5"
Case width on right side:15.5"
Height (standing on legs, with lid off): 33"