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Baldwin Electric Combo Harpsichord CW-8-S

Baldwin Electric Combo Harpsichord CW-8-S
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This Baldwin Combo Electric Harpsichord is in excellent functional and cosmetic condition. It plays well and has a sonic character that you can't fully capture in any other instrument, analog/mechanical or digital. If you want the unique sound found in The Beatles' "Because", then look no further. This Baldwin harpsichord sounds so great that we even made a virtual instrument out of it, which you can purchase by clicking the above "Purchase Sample Library" button.

Originally designed by Eric Herz and built by his company Canon Guild, they sold the rights to this to Baldwin in the early 1960's and then Baldwin began building them. 

These are usually missing their sheet music stand and dual volume pedal, but this one still has both. All of the notes play very well, it is in tune A=440 and sounds great. The legs are in good shape, and the plexiglass top has very few scratches. The jacks work great and are voiced very well. The damper system works perfectly, and sounds absolutely incredible. The stereo/dual-mono output jack works perfectly. It has 4 toggle switches for the two pairs of pickups, and each switch has 3 settings, which turn the front and middle pickups on and off between the left and right channel in order to assist the player in achieving their preferred timbre. 

Dimensions: 54" x 36" x 40" (including music stand)

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Dimensions: 54" x 38" x 10" (with legs off)