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Regina or Polyphon Disc Music Box MIDI Player

Regina or Polyphon Disc Music Box MIDI Player
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For your consideration is a MIDI-triggerable solenoid-actuated player system for a Regina or Polyphon 15 1/2" or 20 3/4" disc music box. This "vorsetzer" for Regina and Polyphon music boxes allows the user to play their music box with any MIDI file or with a MIDI keyboard controller.

Our antique Regina 15.5" Disc Music Box shown in the below pictures has been modified to play MIDI through such a solenoid-actuated player system. This player system was originally built for us by Knowles Little, a music box enthusiast. We offer custom-builds of this player for Regina or Polyphon disc music box owners at a price of $4500. Please note that the music box is not included in this price, and that we will need your music box on-hand in order to custom-build the MIDI player system for yours. On our Regina disc music box shown below, the power switch, power connector and the MIDI connector have been installed in the panel in front of the bedplate; we can install these in the back of the music box if the buyer so desires. The solenoids are connected to the MIDI converter board through the use of two DB-25 connectors, which allows for the panel to be interchangeable if the buyer so desires.

The solenoid player system is fully removable, such that discs still can be played on the music box. The solenoid player system easily slips out with no tools required, such that the user can play a disc or close the lid immediately after removing the player, unplugging the MIDI cable, and unplugging the power cable. However, please note that when the solenoid player system is sitting in the music box, the lid of the music box does not close.

Antiquity Music can provide a Regina or Polyphon 15.5" Disc Music box in similar condition for an additional price. The 15.5" Regina has a 5-octave range from C3 to B8. Please note that like most music boxes, 15.5" Regina disc music boxes are not fully chromatic; rather, their teeth are tuned such that they only play in approximately four keys (C, G, D, and F).

We highly recommend purchasing a Regina 20.75" disc music box if the buyer wishes to be able to chromatically play the music box, as the Regina 20 3/4" disc music box is the most prevalent disc music box that offers a full chromatic range, particularly over a range of 7 octaves. Antiquity Music would be able to provide a Regina 20 3/4" disc music box in similar condition for an additional price if the customer so desires; the price of the MIDI player system would remain the same as that for a 15.5" disc music box in such an instance.

Please note that the Regina or Polyphon music box must have a horizontally-mounted disc in order for the player system to work; in other words, this system will not work on vertical disc music boxes like Regina "Corona" music boxes.

Condition Used / Vintage

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