The Harmony Company was founded by Wilhelm Schultz in 1892. Harmony instruments carried many brand names, the most popular of which is Silverton, and some others of which include Valencia, Johnny Marvin, Vogue, Airline, Fender, Kay and Regal. Later in the 70's the Harmony name was sold to be used on Asian guitars. During the 1980's, Harmony underwent several owner and management changes. In the mid to late 80's Harmony introduced several decent copies of Gibson and Fender designs. The 1990's saw Harmony sell most of their guitars to J. C. Penny stores. During this time, Harmony was not commonly seen.

In 2000 M.B.T. International made a deal to use the Harmony name on guitars and other instruments. They re-issued several popular old U.S.A. Harmony models. These models were appreciated by all Harmony fans everywhere.
Unfortunately, M.B.T. and the actual owner of the Harmony trade name came to an impasse and M.B.T. ceased marketing Harmony.

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