It all started with the talkie: electrical engineer Eugen Beyer started his own company in Berlin in 1924 to build cinema speakers. Conventional gramophones at that time only satisfied moderate acoustic requirements and the audio pioneer saw an opportunity to make the emerging sound film a phonetically memorable experience as well. His "Elektrotechnische Fabrik Eugen Beyer” laid the foundations for a world leading manufacturer of headphones, microphones and conference systems – and for today's beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG.

Today the name beyerdynamic is synonymous with a wide range of high quality and professional audio products. Three business divisions generate an annual turnover of approximately 50 million euro: Conference, Pro Audio and Consumer. The Pro Audio division furnishes recording studios, supplies microphones and headphones for on-stage use, or live radio and TV transmissions, and headsets for other professional uses. Beyerdynamic products are characterised by the company’s desire to innovate and continuously develop technology. And this desire is just as strong today as it was in the days of company founder Eugen Beyer, more than 90 years ago.

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