The Baldwin Piano Company is an American piano and organ brand, once the largest US-based manufacturer of pianos and other keyboard instruments. Baldwin, like many other manufacturers, began building player pianos in the 1920s. A piano factory was constructed in Cincinnatti, Ohio. The models became unpopular by the end of the 1920s, which, coupled with the beginning of the Great Depression, could have spelled disaster for Baldwin. However, the company's president, Lucien Wulsin II, had created a large reserve fund for such situations, and Baldwin was able to ride out the market downturn.

After the war ended, Baldwin resumed selling pianos, and by 1953 the company had doubled production figures from prewar levels. In 1946, Baldwin introduced its first electronic organ (developed in 1941), which became so successful that the company changed its name to the Baldwin Piano & Organ Company. It also manufactured many unusual electric and electronic instruments, including the Baldwin Electric Harpsichord, the rights to which it purchased from Cannon Guild. Many distinguished musicians have chosen to compose, perform and record using Baldwin instruments.

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Baldwin Electro Piano